• Product code:Feed Bucket Elevator
  • Feed bucket elevator is suitable for lifting and conveying materials in the production process of large and medium-sized feed processing plants,and other pellets and large grains,and the lifting of feed.

  • At work.The material enters the bucket of the machine base evenly from the inlet of the bucket elevator,and then is lifted to the head.When the bucket bypasses the driving wheel,the material is poured out and flows into the required container or next from the discharge port.Process equipment.The above whole process is divided into three stages:loading,lifting and unloading.The bucket elevator is allowed to transport high temperature materials.
    1.Lifting height up to 35m,lifting capacity up to 50m3 per hour,compact structure, small volume.
    2.Can effectively prevent dust explosion,good sealing.
    3.The engine base can be equipped with two hopper feed hoppers according to different requirements.
    4.Use heavy hammer lever tensioning device to avoid slipping or dragging chain.
    5.Adopt high - strength ring chain,strong wear resistance.

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