• Product code:Ring Die Pellet Mill Machine
  • Ring die pellet mill machine used to make feed for cattle,geese,pigs,ducks,chickens,sheep,rabbits and other animals.Can make animal feed pellets with a diameter of 2-8 mm.Such as chicken feed pellets and pig feed pellets with a diameter of 2-4mm.2-5mm rabbit feed pellets,4-8mm cattle or sheep feed pellets,etc.

  • Ring die pellet mill machine is an ideal granulator for large-scale high-quality aquatic feed particles.It can be used in the feed production of mechanized chicken,duck,pig and other poultry farms,and also in the production of aquatic feed,such as fish,shrimp and so on.The produced feed pellets have a smooth surface and are easily digested by poultry animals.
    Operation and maintenance
    1.Check the wear parts regularly to ensure the normal operation.
    2.Change lubricating oil regularly to extend the service life.
    3.Periodically adjust the gap between the ring die and the press roller to avoid being damaged by violent vibration and overloading.
    1.Adopt high precision gear transmission,30% higher than belt transmission,low energy consumption.
    2.The driving part adopts high-quality bearings to ensure low-noise,efficient and stable driving of ring die pellet mill machine.
    3.Axial steam vent to improve feed cooking efficiency.
    4.Ring die pellet mill machine can be equipped with single or multiple layers to meet the production of poultry feed and aquatic feed.
    5.The body uses high-quality materials to ensure the life of the machine and improve the quality of particles.
    6.Overload protection system to ensure the stable operation.

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