• Product code:Feed Pellet Mill Machine
  • Feed pellet mill machine is also called flat die pellet machine,used for the processing of poultry,fish,rabbit,bird and other animal feed,mainly for the granulation of crude fibrin.Suitable for processing corn,soybean meal,straw,grass fodder,cottonseed hulls,peanut shells and other raw materials.

  • The motor drives the spindle through double-sided bevel gear,and the spindle drives the press roll to rotate.When the material is added into the hopper from above,the material falls on the flat die.Under the action of the motor,the material is extruded into the die hole,and the material goes through the process of molding and mold protection in the die hole.After a certain period of time,it is extruded in cylindrical shape,and the rotating cutter cuts off the material to form particles.
    1.Small size and easy to clean and maintain
    2.Bearing adopts a fully enclosed design to ensure clean grease
    3.Independent frequency conversion device to ensure particle formation rate
    4.Adopt wear-resistant alloy steel,processed by special heat treatment,high hardness,wear-resistant material,long life
    5.High transmission efficiency,strong stability,uniform heat dissipation,improve production efficiency and reduce production costs
    6.Multiple models to choose from
    Packaging Details:
    Livestock poultry animal feed manufacturing plant machinery
    single machine:wood case packing
    whole production line:by container


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